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Subaru R Us: Ron’s Guide Complete! Got Any Ideas or Want to Join SF?

I finally been able to finish up with formatting Ron’s (aka Unabomber) guides on Subie Freaks and categorizing each guide for easier navigation. Sorry for such a long delay, but enjoy! Big thanks to Ron once again. To read up on all things Subaru, you can’t miss his guides!
In other news, I’d like to know [...]

Stuff Subie Freaks Like #4: Appreciation of Other Cars

From my experiences on NASIOC, Subarism, ClubWRX, and talking to various Subie Freaks across the country, the general consensus is that there’s much love for all types of cars, whether Subaru or not. Why?

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Now I can’t say all Subie Freaks aren’t fanboys, but I’m pretty sure it’s a small percentage. Most Subie Freaks [...]

Will The Partnership With Toyota Mess Up Subaru’s Image? posted this article recently which I found quite interesting. For those that are not aware, Toyota and Subaru will be joining forces to make a rwd sports car, powered by Subaru’s boxer engine, in the near future. The article basically raises concerns on how Subaru will differentiate its car from the Toyota badged sister [...]

Stuff Subie Freaks Like #3: Meets

What better way to interact and fool around with people of similar interest, in our case Subaru, then by having meets? Meets are great because they can range from just little get togethers, to big events. Also, various activities can be done, such as cruises, auto-x, eating, entertainment venues, installation days, just chilling and hanging [...]

Subaru Diesel Commercial

Interesting little commercial…check it out!
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CONFIRMED: Subaru/Toyota Join Forces for RWD Sports Car

Well, it’s official. Subaru and Toyota have been in talks for a while to work together on rear-wheel-drive sports car implementing Subaru’s boxer engine and it’s now confirmed. The news about it is all over the place now and various sources about it filled up my mailbox today (Read the news from Car and Driver, [...]

Stuff Subie Freaks Like #1: Friendly Gestures to Other Subie Freaks on the Road

This is a nice little touch to your day if I can say so myself (especially if it given from a cutie from the opposite sex…or same sex…whatever floats your boat LOL)! Subaru enthusiast will usually give a wave or some other friendly gestures (”friendly” being relative, lol) to other Subaru owners who may possibly [...]

Impreza vs Civic vs Corolla vs Mazda 3

Motor Trend does an extensive comparison between these “economy” vehicles. It’s pretty long so if you want to know the results, here they are (with brief explanation):
Still looks fresh, still dances like a sport sedan, still a steal, still the best.
Avant-garde design and small carbon footprint can’t compensate for [...]

All AWD systems are not equal

Another interesting video from Inside Line! It records a test of various AWD systems, Subaru included.
“We all hear and read about AWD these days, and we also know here are a bunch of different systems out there which all work differently. More to the point, some work better or worse than others. Unfortunately [...]

“Influential Subie Freaks” Series: Jamie “Subie Gal” Thomas

The “Influential Subie Freaks” Series highlights some prominent figures in the Subaru community and reveals some great information about them. As our first influential Subie Freak, we are honored to interview rally driver(and much more!) extraordinaire, Jamie Thomas(Subie Gal on NASIOC) to start the series. From her humble beginnings in the Subaru world, to where [...]