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Hot Subaru Rally Team and new STI Compilation

Awesome commercial video of various rally drivers driving the STi and finishing off with the new STi. Very hot indeed!
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To Buy or Not To Buy: Older STi or New WRX

A recent thread appeared in NASIOC that asked which would be the better purchase. I think it’s a good question….on one hand, buying a new WRX will give you the benefits of buying a new car in general, but will be missing out on the big performance gains of the STi. Buying an older STi [...]

Stolen STi on AutoTrader

Wow, talk about a “noob” thief! rushr from NASIOC apparently did some research on a white STi that was listed on AutoTrader. He finds out it has been stolen! If he was smart, he’d know that people serious about buying might also do a carfax report or something similar…rexygirl from NASIOC finds out the car [...]

Featured Rides: Bill Vitale’s 06 STi

Bill Vitale (IStoSTI from NASIOC) offered some of his time so we could feature his MY06 STi! Great ride Bill, and thanks for providing some great answers as well as awesome pictures!
Name and a little background info about yourself:
My name is Bill Vitale and I work as a consultant in Princeton, NJ. I [...]

Featured Rides: Jonathan’s 05 STi

I recently got a chance to get some answers out of Jonathan (chaso311clarity from NASIOC) about his ride. Sweet answers, sweet modifications, sweet car. (Minor editing was done by me)
When did you purchase the ride? I bought my car back in July of 06
What were you trying to achieve with your car (i.e. show [...]

Fast and Furious 4: Lead Car STi

It’s not news…but since I’ve received a lot of search results regarding this topic, I thought I’d go ahead and make a post about the STi in the Fast and the Furious 4, as well as the movie in general. I’ll also make a category regarding the movie with the latest news about the movie [...]

Travis Pastrana Hits a Deer 2008 During Snodrift Rally

Gaining a healthy lead over their competitors, during the last leg of the 2008 Snodrift Rally, a deer gets in the way and destroys his car, along with his chance to win.
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Travis Pastrana Crazy Crash

Another old goodie. Travis Pastrana at Colorado Cog hitting a curb during a turn and flipping several times before it comes to a stop! Sucks to be Christian Edstrom sometimes.
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Ken Block Goes 171 ft in the Air

An old goodie. Crazy Ken going 171 feet in the air with his Subaru. I never get tired of seeing this!?
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Another Review of the 08 STi But With Fresh Views

Wayne Cunningham has written a review of the 2008 Subaru Impreza WRX STi yesterday and it’s well written. Why? It’s short but concise, and he brings some new opinions that I haven’t seen much from other reviews, because most of them focus heavily on the performance. This review is more balanced and provides insight [...]