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Mach V Mega Colossal Meet and Charity Car Show

Mach V is an excellent and reputable company that sells performance parts for mainly Subaru WRXs, Mitsubishi Evolutions, and Mini Coopers. They have quite the following among the respective enthusiast communities being renown for its superior service (Our Prosport gauge contests were supplied by Mach V! Incredibly fast shipping! No…I’m not paid by Mach V, [...]

The Alexandria Meet: BBQ Edition

I covered the Alexandria meet a while ago (article found here), and they recently had another meet but this one was a little different. Instead of eating out, everyone brought something and we had a nice “little” BBQ.
It was a blast, I had a great time and I’m sure everyone else did too. [...]

Local Subaru Meets Series: The Alexandria Meet

The Local Subaru Meets Series showcases some of the Subaru meets running all across America. To kick things off, I’m going to be talking about a meet that I’ve been to(And probably will go again!), which is the Alexandria meet. It starts off in Alexandria, VA and then it goes somewhere around northern VA [...]

The Mid-Atlantic Impreza Club Screensaver

So I’ve been working for two hours on the MAIC screensaver…I think it came out pretty well.
Thanks for all who contributed! I tried to at least use one picture from everybody who submitted.
The screensaver is packaged in an .exe file, so all you have to do is download the file, double-click, and [...]