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Step by Step Guide in Cleaning your Car

Step by Step Guide in Cleaning your Car

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Although it may be second nature in how to properly clean your car for some, the majority could use some help. Phil Jr. on NASIOC has made a great write-up guiding you to making your car look brand new!

(Link Here)

Phil’s steps aren’t set in stone. They are basically a guideline for the novice or people who need a little refresher. :D

To sum up what he said:
1st step = Inspect the car and spray any bug splatter spots that look like they will be hard to remove with the wash.
2nd step = clean the wheels.
3rd step = wash the car.
4th step = Dry the car.
5th step = clay bar.
6th step = polish the paint.
7th step = wax.
8th step = clean the glass.

Still confused? Check out his link to get further details in each step! Not too verbose, it’s definitely worth a read if you need some tips.

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  1. I wonder if this would work on mine 92 Legacy. Make it look brand new. I have seen photos of my car when the previous owners got it brand new.

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