Nickname for the 2008 Impreza

Nickname for the 2008 Impreza

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The 02-03 has the bugeye, the 04-05 has the blobeye/peanut eye, and the 06-07 has the hawkeye/pignose. So what about the 08? There isn’t really a nickname widely used yet. A thread in NASIOC has been started to discuss and come to a consensus on what to call the 08s. Here’s a couple ideas so far:

-Stink eye
-Shark eye
-Fail eye

LOL. Ok, so the majority of the NASIOC community has a somewhat negative view of the 08. Do you have ideas on a nickname? :D

Click here to the NASIOC link

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  1. Snake eyes should be the name.

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