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Local Subaru Meets: Baltimore Area Meet

Local Subaru Meets: Baltimore Area Meet

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The Local Subaru Meets Series showcases some of the Subaru meets running all across America. I get the low down on what’s going on in Baltimore every other week. Lee (LeeC) gives us the details, check it out!


1)Tell me a little about yourself (you can be as descriptive as you want).

I’ve been involved in the local automotive scene since back before I could drive, I got involved in the subaru community in mid-2004. My first suby was an aspen white bugeye, I did some basic mods to it (18g setup), before deciding that I need a little something more. I bought my STi in september of 2006 with 10k miles on it. I planned to keep it stage 2-ish and maybe throw on some rims and a drop, but soon after that went down the drain. I’ve did much much more work then I ever originally intended to (built motor, roll cage, 35r) and I can safely say I’m not close to finished.

2)How did you or the founder come up with the meet?

If I recall, Jeff (96Accord) came up with the idea for a few of us to meet up for lunch/dinner just for fun. We then got the idea to make it into a bi-weekly meet. During the winter we changed it to a monthly meet, but as it got nice out, we couldn’t wait a month in between meets so it was back to being a bi-weekly meet!

3)Besides the comradery, what do you like about this meet?

Basically just all the fun we have, our meet thread started out as just that, a meet thread. But now has basically turned into the baltimore area mini-forum. If someone actually took the time to read all the way through it, they would see more technical talk and random chatter than anything meet related. I think this meet has allowed all of us to get to know everyone around the area ALOT better, now we have install meets pretty often, and if you have a problem, 99% of the time, someone in our “group” can help to fix it, aswell as being quick to offer advice for just about anything.

4)For the newcomers, are there any tips you’d might want to give them?

Don’t be afraid to just come out and join right in with the conversation! No matter how it seems, we’re all extremely friendly, even Steve (ssessa3), whom looks like he might kill you if you look at him the wrong way.

Also, I will be glad to buy new members meal aslong as they 1) Constantly ask Jeff about his favorite waitress. 2) Sometime during the meet reply to someone’s statement by screaming “Post reported scumbag!”

5)What’s the regular turnout like (on a non-rainy day) and how long has the meet been running?

The usual is about 10 cars/15 people. We used to have bigger turnouts until we decided to change up the location, which didn’t turn out to well (we had about 5 cars per meet!). Ever since we have started doing Buffalo Wild Wings again, attendance has been on the rise!

6)Any memorable rides, or stories? Shout-outs?

We’ve had a little bit of everything happen at our meets. From vandalism (someone hit Jeff’s, and Bobby’s (Bluemax189) with a wooden stake they use in the mall parking lot during winter to mark where the curbs are) to me almost giving Jeff a heart attack the first time I launched with him in my car.

Shouts to everyone who comes on a regular basis and every who has even stopped by once, to name a few;

Jeff(96Accord), Kenny(Redintheface101),Brian(TheDaddyB), Sean(SMM1388), Mike(Carnz-PJ-410), Drew(Dc5 Drew), Ross(RossLH), Chris(Rexican), Tyler(xMDxWRX), James(Stillboostin), Holly(SleekSubyChik), Mike(04fpgreensti), Craig(302@12psi), Matt(RetroXvertigo), Steve(ssessa3), Matt(Mconte05), Louie, Jehan(KevlarCupid).

Thanks again Lee for the great responses!

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