If You Had A 22B…Would You Mod It or Keep It Stock?

If You Had A 22B…Would You Mod It or Keep It Stock?

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An interesting question came to mind in a NASIOC thread which I never wondered (Maybe because I knew I would never be in that situation lol). If you had a 22B…would you modify it or keep it stock?

With such a classic, I don’t know where I’d stand. A little more power from simple bolt-on mods would be nice…but would you really want to tamper with greatness even if it wouldn’t be anything major?

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Some people may not consider the 22B to be as sacred as the lot of us think of it to be…and I’d have to admit, they probably have more common sense, but come on! I mean, there must be a reason why they only made 400 right?

At the end of the day, who cares anyway…it’s your car, and if you feel that some things need to change so be it…it’s still a 22B. Who cares if modding it would lower its value, or ruin some people’s opinions. As long as you’re happy, it’s all good…no matter how many Subaru purists may die inside! Me personally, after some thought I would mod the 22B if I ever got one…I’d put a nice air freshener in it. I think that’s about it.

image credit: www.impreza-gt-club.de

A link to the NASIOC thread can be found here

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