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Stuff Subie Freaks Like #5: Remembering Roots

If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting!Say “22B” to a SubieFreak and he/she will probably drool! Subaru has had a proud history and heritage spanning over several decades. It’s no surprise that its enthusiasts have great appreciation for all things Subaru!
There are some great links [...]

Stuff Subie Freaks Like #4: Appreciation of Other Cars

From my experiences on NASIOC, Subarism, ClubWRX, and talking to various Subie Freaks across the country, the general consensus is that there’s much love for all types of cars, whether Subaru or not. Why?

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Now I can’t say all Subie Freaks aren’t fanboys, but I’m pretty sure it’s a small percentage. Most Subie Freaks [...]

Stuff Subie Freaks Like #3: Meets

What better way to interact and fool around with people of similar interest, in our case Subaru, then by having meets? Meets are great because they can range from just little get togethers, to big events. Also, various activities can be done, such as cruises, auto-x, eating, entertainment venues, installation days, just chilling and hanging [...]

Stuff Subie Freaks Like #2: Clean Sleeper Look

Unlike several other “import” enthusiasts, I can safely say that a majority of Subie Freaks prefer to have a clean and nearly stock look. Most of us cringe at the thought of underlights, crazy bodykits, and other various things which some may consider “ricey”. As an example, I made a screensaver recently for NESIC and [...]

Stuff Subie Freaks Like #1: Friendly Gestures to Other Subie Freaks on the Road

This is a nice little touch to your day if I can say so myself (especially if it given from a cutie from the opposite sex…or same sex…whatever floats your boat LOL)! Subaru enthusiast will usually give a wave or some other friendly gestures (”friendly” being relative, lol) to other Subaru owners who may possibly [...]