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Greddy Declares Bankruptcy

If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting!Bad days are coming ahead for import enthusiasts. It seems like all sectors are feeling the economic decline. Trust/Greddy, the Japanese company specializing in aftermarket parts for cars, has filed bankruptcy due to decline for the market. There has [...]

Lucky Japanese: Subaru Legacy STi S402

Only in Japan, Subaru has produced a limited edition of the Subaru Legacy, known as the Legacy STi S402….what does the S402 mean? Only 402 units will be for sale, not idea about the “S” however.
Available as sedan and wagon variants, what sets it apart from the regular Legacy is the following:
-18-inch BBS wheels on [...]

Mach V Mega Colossal Meet and Charity Car Show

Mach V is an excellent and reputable company that sells performance parts for mainly Subaru WRXs, Mitsubishi Evolutions, and Mini Coopers. They have quite the following among the respective enthusiast communities being renown for its superior service (Our Prosport gauge contests were supplied by Mach V! Incredibly fast shipping! No…I’m not paid by Mach V, [...]

265 hp WRX Variant? Impreza GT? STi Spec C?

The 2009 WRX may get 265 hp…The STi Spec C was spotted on the Ring…A new model powered by the WRX engine…Oh my!
Just some recent news and rumors I’ve been hearing over the week:
Some “leaked information” about the 2009 WRX model variant is saying it will boost 265 horsepower, upgraded suspension, and various other features. [...]

The Exiga Debuts!

The 7 seater Subaru Exiga has hit the JDM today. From intial impressions, I would definitely consider this vehicle (turbo version) if I were in the market for a minivan. It looks sporty and not too “minivan-ish”. Of course it packs Subaru’s quality ride and all that good stuff.
Some info taken from
“At [...]

Another Article of the 08 WRX with Interesting Points

“Subaru WRX may have lost its wide-eyed look, but still packs a punch”
Winnipeg Free Press Autos recently wrote about the 08 WRX. Ok, so we all are pretty informed about the 08 WRX but the reason I pointed out this article is because it brings out some of the things we Subie Freaks discuss about [...]

April Contest Anouncement: Comments now included in Entries

Due to the poor turn out of the forum activity, I will be also including comments worth an amount of 1 entry per comment (max of two comments will be counted). Also, subscribing to my feed will net you another entry ‘point’, but you will need to tell me (you can comment on this post [...]

CONFIRMED: Subaru/Toyota Join Forces for RWD Sports Car

Well, it’s official. Subaru and Toyota have been in talks for a while to work together on rear-wheel-drive sports car implementing Subaru’s boxer engine and it’s now confirmed. The news about it is all over the place now and various sources about it filled up my mailbox today (Read the news from Car and Driver, [...]

Stolen STi on AutoTrader

Wow, talk about a “noob” thief! rushr from NASIOC apparently did some research on a white STi that was listed on AutoTrader. He finds out it has been stolen! If he was smart, he’d know that people serious about buying might also do a carfax report or something similar…rexygirl from NASIOC finds out the car [...]

Use Your Subaru Responsibly: Don’t Drive Over Women With It

A woman settles a dispute by running the other woman over with a Subaru!

“MYRTLE CREEK — A domestic dispute Sunday between two Myrtle Creek women culminated with one getting hit and run over by the other in a 1992 Subaru station wagon in an apartment complex parking lot.
Kelley Rae Nelson, 31, was charged with [...]