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Subaru R Us: Ron’s Guide Complete! Got Any Ideas or Want to Join SF?

I finally been able to finish up with formatting Ron’s (aka Unabomber) guides on Subie Freaks and categorizing each guide for easier navigation. Sorry for such a long delay, but enjoy! Big thanks to Ron once again. To read up on all things Subaru, you can’t miss his guides!
In other news, I’d like to know [...]

May Contest Winner!

Again I used to pick a random number. The number assigned to each person was determined by how early in May you posted starting from 1 (If you were #1 as well as had subscribed or/and entered in last month’s contest, then you you also be #2 / #3).
So I randomly picked a number [...]

Still Time to Enter in the Prosport Gauge May Contest!

Remember to comment or subscribe to Subie Freaks to enter in the Prosport gauge drawing! To get more details, click here!
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Sorry, Yet Another Announcement on the April Contest

I’ll be keeping track of everybody’s entry “points” still on the forum thread marked as “April Contest Tally Record” which includes all the ways of entering (By commenting or making threads/replies on forums). Thanks again…and sorry for so many posts about this contest, I feel kinda bad, lol…but I’ll give you an extra point if [...]

April Contest Anouncement: Comments now included in Entries

Due to the poor turn out of the forum activity, I will be also including comments worth an amount of 1 entry per comment (max of two comments will be counted). Also, subscribing to my feed will net you another entry ‘point’, but you will need to tell me (you can comment on this post [...]

Subie Freaks April Contest: Forum Raid!

It’s that time again. Yep. Subie Freaks monthly contest is all about the forums this time! Here’s the info that you will need to know:
Sign up for the forums on Subie Freaks (link to the forums at the top menu), and start posting! Each reply or topic created counts as an entry (Keep in mind, [...]

The Next Contest Starting in April

*03/31/2008 UPDATE: Decided this time to make the contest involving the forums. What you’ll have to do is make a topic/reply on the forums. Making a topic counts as 2 entries, and making a reply counts as 1 entry (for the contest). You get a maximum of 2 each that count. The prize will be [...]

Some Things on the Horizon

Hey you Subie Freaks! Just a quickie what’s been going on and stuff in the works…
- Currently, I’m in the process of negotiating with sponsors that will hopefully provide funding in maintaining the site as well as future contests
Speaking about contests…have you signed up for the RSS feed? You may be missing out right now [...]

Looking to Contribute More to the Subaru Community? Join Subie Freaks!

Subie Freaks is looking for more posters/members out there who could write content related to Subaru! It’s a great way of giving back to the community!
Wanna join the Subie Freaks or want to submit a story? We currently have Keith Fields (TheShad0w on NASIOC) who does road & remote tunes at awdtuning, and Phil Yiu [...]