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New Fast and Furious Film IMDB Update

If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting!Hi guys, long time no speak! First off i would like to say thanks for all the comments, pictures and visits. The content on this site is partly provicded by YOU the reader - so again, a big thank [...]

Vin Diesel to Direct Fast and Furious 4 Prequel

Now this is one strange piece of movie news — Vin Diesel has told the site ComingSoon during press for his upcoming sci-fi actioner “Babylon A.D.” that he plans to direct a 20-minute prequel to the upcoming fourth installment in the “Fast and Furious” series, which he is currently shooting. According to the Diesel himself, [...]

The Fast and Furious 4 Trailer is Coming …

… and it will make its premiere in front of Jason Statham’s futuristic (it is futuristic, right?) car death racing movie “Death Race”, which opens next week. Hey, it’s perfect cross-promotion — why wouldn’t the same people who flock to see movies about car racing in the streets flock to go see a movie about [...]

Stuff Subie Freaks Like #5: Remembering Roots

Say “22B” to a SubieFreak and he/she will probably drool! Subaru has had a proud history and heritage spanning over several decades. It’s no surprise that its enthusiasts have great appreciation for all things Subaru!
There are some great links on the web for SubieFreaks who want to know a little more about Subaru:
Wikipedia - Great [...]

First Official Images from The Fast and Furious 4

Wow, it seems like forever since we posted any new “Fast and Furious 4″ (or just “Fast and Furious”, as it’s now being called) news, hasn’t it? Luckily for us, USA Today has released three new official images from the upcoming Justin Lin movie. There’s also an accompanying article, but it doesn’t even bother to [...]

Spy Pics! Car used in the Opening Graveyard Scene

Hi guys, thanks to a reader we are pleased to be able to bring you some photos of his car used in the new Fast and Furious film. Its used in the graveyard scene, and the proud owner sent in pics for us all to see!
There’s a sneaky picture of …
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If [...]

Spy pics of Paul Walkers new Subaru!

Thats right folks, Paul Walker’s (or Brian Spilner’s) new subaru from the up and coming “Fast and Furious” movie has been snapped by our friend Eduardo!
If you have pics or information, then email us here : info[at]
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More Fast and Furious Spy Movie Car Pics!

A big thanks to Eduardo who spotted these near his home, and decided to snap them and send them in! Thanks mate!
They clearly show some of the monsters that will be used in the new film, including some insane looking American Muscle!
If anyone spots anything in their area like this, …
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If [...]

London Pursuit

I always browse the web looking for juicy info for our websites, and i stumbled upon a forum where someone was talking about the new fast and furious London Pursuit movie?
Whaaaat? I’m pretty sure that the next movie is called “Fast and Furious” and is definitely not set in London.
So …
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If [...]

Lil Wayne and Liza Lapira to star in new Fast And Furious Film!

Shooting on Justin Lin’s “Fast and Furious” is already well underway, but new castmembers are still being added. First up is actress Liza Lapira, who has listed as playing an FBI agent name Sophie Trinh, a character that will be giving Paul Walker’s Brian O’Conner a hand tracking down …
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If [...]