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April Contest Anouncement: Comments now included in Entries

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Due to the poor turn out of the forum activity, I will be also including comments worth an amount of 1 entry per comment (max of two comments will be counted). Also, subscribing to my feed will net you another entry ‘point’, but you will need to tell me (you can comment on this post that you did…please don’t lie though, if it seems like the numbers don’t add up, I will subtract points off).

So to sum it up:

  1. Commenting on any post will gain you an entry. Max comments that count are 2.
  2. Subscribing to my feed will earn you an entry (This is for newcomers only sorry).
  3. Forum posting entries still apply.

Of course the rules pertaining to the forums still count as well…so you could potentially earn a lot of entries! :D

To see more of the details, please see the original rules here.

Good luck all!

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