Keith Fields (TheShad0w)

Hello out there Subaru enthusiasts, my name is Keith Fields and I run I specialize in tuning Subaru and Mitsubishi vehicles. I tend to be a bit more partial to the Subaru community as its what I personally drive. I have been tuning Subaru’s since the beginning of 2005, and have had many great experiences and have tuned quiet a variety of setups. I’m located in North Texas, Frisco to be specific and am currently seeking to open a physical location dedicated to with a dynometer in the near future.


Thanks, Keith Fields

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  1. Hey Guys!

    As always love the website. I drive a 1992 Subaru Legacy. She maybe old be she still goes like a rocket and I love it!

    We have Owen 12 Subaru’s over 10 years. Dad always used to get them through work. But now we buy them because they are such cool cars. I’m a big Subaru fan. Love taking the car out on my friends farm and watch as my friends struggle in the front weal drive Honda’s and Pontiac’s try to push through the mud. That’s why all the girl’s come into my car so they don’t have to get out and push ;)

    Anyway I was mucking around on my laptop as usual and made a logo for your website. If some one can e-mail me back at they might want to take a look.

    Just get back to me at any old time and I will send it to you. If you don’t want it that’s cool.


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