Giun Sun (crazygin50)

Name: My name is Giun Sun, it’s pronounced as if there was no “U”, like “Gin”…why there’s a “U” in my name I have no idea! On the internet I use the aliases of gsun, jin, firesun, and crazygin50…so if you see those names across the forums (especially gsun and crazygin50…it’s most likely me).

Work: Offline, I’m a federal employee. I work at the National Institutes of Health as an investigator developing medical systems as well as researching on various medical technologies and theories.

Location: I was born in Washington D.C., but I’ve been living in Virginia most of my life while working in Maryland.

Education: I’m not the brightest person, to say the least, but I believe a good education is one of the most important things in life. I received my bachelor’s degree at Radford University with a major in Information Systems and a minor in Business Administrator. I’m currently working on my master’s degree in Information Systems at Johns Hopkins University part-time.

Hobbies: Besides Subaru and working on blogs, I also like things related to technology and computers…us guys need our gadgets! I’m also an avid gamer and movie-goer, so feel free to message me on any of those things! I check out NASIOC nearly everyday (and frequently!) and like to see what’s going on in different parts of the forums…especially the regional forums, so I will be posting what I consider regional highlights from NASIOC.

Thanks for visiting my site! I how you enjoy it as much as I have enjoyed working on it!

Pictures of my car:


3 Responses to “Giun Sun (crazygin50)”

  1. what mods you running ?

  2. Just some bolt-ons and light mods: TBE + UP(stage 2 XPT map), K&N panel air filter, Kartboy short shifter, and Tein Tech H springs. I’d like to do more when I get the chance (and money :D).

  3. Hey Guys!

    As always love the website. I drive a 1992 Subaru Legacy. She maybe old be she still goes like a rocket and I love it!

    We have Owen 12 Subaru’s over 10 years. Dad always used to get them through work. But now we buy them because they are such cool cars. I’m a big Subaru fan. Love taking the car out on my friends farm and watch as my friends struggle in the front weal drive Honda’s and Pontiac’s try to push through the mud. That’s why all the girl’s come into my car so they don’t have to get out and push ;)

    Anyway I was mucking around on my laptop as usual and made a logo for your website. If some one can e-mail me back at they might want to take a look.

    Just get back to me at any old time and I will send it to you. If you don’t want it that’s cool.


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