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Subaru R Us: Ron’s Guide Complete! Got Any Ideas or Want to Join SF?

I finally been able to finish up with formatting Ron’s (aka Unabomber) guides on Subie Freaks and categorizing each guide for easier navigation. Sorry for such a long delay, but enjoy! Big thanks to Ron once again. To read up on all things Subaru, you can’t miss his guides!
In other news, I’d like to know [...]

Nickname for the 2008 Impreza

The 02-03 has the bugeye, the 04-05 has the blobeye/peanut eye, and the 06-07 has the hawkeye/pignose. So what about the 08? There isn’t really a nickname widely used yet. A thread in NASIOC has been started to discuss and come to a consensus on what to call the 08s. Here’s a couple ideas so [...]