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Greddy Declares Bankruptcy

If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting!Bad days are coming ahead for import enthusiasts. It seems like all sectors are feeling the economic decline. Trust/Greddy, the Japanese company specializing in aftermarket parts for cars, has filed bankruptcy due to decline for the market. There has [...]

If You Had A 22B…Would You Mod It or Keep It Stock?

An interesting question came to mind in a NASIOC thread which I never wondered (Maybe because I knew I would never be in that situation lol). If you had a 22B…would you modify it or keep it stock?
With such a classic, I don’t know where I’d stand. A little more power from simple bolt-on mods [...]

Step by Step Guide in Cleaning your Car

Although it may be second nature in how to properly clean your car for some, the majority could use some help. Phil Jr. on NASIOC has made a great write-up guiding you to making your car look brand new!
(Link Here)

Phil’s steps aren’t set in stone. They are basically a guideline for the novice or people [...]