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Local Subaru Meets Series: The Des Moines Meet

If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting!The Local Subaru Meets Series showcases some of the Subaru meets running all across America. This time we’re heading over to Iowa and checking out the Des Moines meet which happens every first Wednesday of the month! I interviewed [...]

Subaru Legacy STI!

Recently shown in January at the Tokyo Auto Salon was the Subaru Legacy STI concept. From initial looks, this thing is impressive! Some noticeable features:

upgraded interior
18×18 rims
around 276 HP
twin-scroll turbo on the 2.5 liter engine
6 speed manual

Hopefully it will be a reality instead of just a concept soon, because this is quite a beast! [...]

SubieFreak’s Picks of the Week Around Nasioc! #1

I will be highlighting various threads around NASIOC that I find (which may or may be created within the week :D) which I think are pretty interesting.

Trained Girlfriend : This is a funny thread! dasnub talks about how he has “trained” to be “Subaru Alert”. Heck, even some Subie gals chime in and tell [...]

Local Subaru Meets Series: The Arlington Meet

image credit:
The Local Subaru Meets Series showcases some of the Subaru meets running all across America. We’re heading to the Lone Star State to get to know what the Arlington Meet is all about. Held every Friday night, you should definitely check it out if you’re in the area. I talked to Scott (petrol [...]

Reasons Why You Should or Shouldn’t Buy a Subaru: Important Things to Consider

So, you’re considering a Subaru car but need to find some more information and details regarding it. Well, you’ve came to the right place! I will list some of the reasons why you should buy a Subaru and the popular models (in the U.S.). As with any car brand, there are some downsides, so I [...]

Local Subaru Meets Series: The Alexandria Meet

The Local Subaru Meets Series showcases some of the Subaru meets running all across America. To kick things off, I’m going to be talking about a meet that I’ve been to(And probably will go again!), which is the Alexandria meet. It starts off in Alexandria, VA and then it goes somewhere around northern VA [...]

Six Chapters of the Subaru Performance Handbook FREE

Found this link recently for six chapters free! The Subaru Peformance Handbook has 22 chapters, but it’s pretty cool getting a look at it before you buy it. You just have to fill out your email and name, then they will deliver it to you!
Check it out soon (Because I think it may stop pretty [...]

Possible new Celica with STi engine?

Supposedly Toyota will be using STi’s 300hp 2.0 liter engine in it’s Celica, the Celica GT-4. Subaru would be building it at the Gunma plant. No word if it’ll ever be available outside of Japan. A rumor is Toyota wants to get back to WRC with it. I like to know more about this, anyone [...]

Perrin Short Shifter - Troubles fitting on 02 WRX?

Recently a friend of mine has received his Perrin short shifter for his MY02 WRX. He and another friend were trying to get it in, unfortunately, it just wouldn’t work! He told me he use a lot of force, but to no avail. This was one of my choices of short shifters (but eventually went [...]

The Mid-Atlantic Impreza Club Screensaver

So I’ve been working for two hours on the MAIC screensaver…I think it came out pretty well.
Thanks for all who contributed! I tried to at least use one picture from everybody who submitted.
The screensaver is packaged in an .exe file, so all you have to do is download the file, double-click, and [...]